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tv   Early Start  CNN  June 25, 2012 2:00am-4:00am PDT

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one of the kindest people you ever want to meet in your life. our thoughts and prayers are with his family. in particular, his parents. take care of yourself. dan was 29 years old. we miss you already.old. we miss you already. good-bye and good night everyone. fierce wind, pounding waves. look at the pictures. tropical storm debbie turning deadly and she's not going away any time soon. it is the worst wildfire in a decade. parts of colorado turned into a ghost town. everyone evacuated as the fires continue to rage on. alex trebek in jeopardy. the health scare that put the game show host in the hospital. good morning everyone. good monday morning. welcome to "early start." i'm ashley banfield. >> i'm zoraida sombolin.
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it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. let's get started. first, it's a super soaker. tropical storm hammering florida with extreme weather. the slow-moving snow sith off the coast of alabama and the florida panhandle. the outer bands whipping up dangerous surf and triggering this huge water spout off juneau beach. also spawn ag deadly tornado in florida as it drenches the coast. officials say a woman was found dead in a home in venus located in the middle of the state between port st. lucie and sarasota. a child in one of the damaged homes was also injured and taken by the hospital. people say they were blind-sided by the twisters. >> i got my wife and my dog put them in a hallway there and said it's coming. about that time it started blowing real hard. >> it happened real fast, in a matter of 30 seconds. we saw a bunch of wind pick up. shoved into the bathroom. scared half to death.
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it was pretty traumatic. meteorologist alexandra steele is tracking the storm for us. slow and fierce. >> those two girls made a really good point. tornadoes and flooding may be the calling card of this thing, but the tornadoes as is a land-falling tropical storm, they are quick to spin up and quick to dissipate. so it is hard to even warn them. we had myriad tornado warnings yesterday in florida. every little one that spins up because they're so quick -- you heard her say it, it came out of nowhere. that's one thing to be mindful of in south-southwestern florida and northern florida. that was video from sarasota, clearwater, flooding. major flooding with this thing. here is a couple of reasons why. it is large and expansive. also very slow moving. been stationary all through the night, maybe moving 3 miles per hour. stationary now and not a lot of movement in the next couple of days we're talking about.
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so soaking northwest florida and now the axis of interest getting into southeast georgia. the track with this has been so uncertain, continues to be uncertain. the reason is, the steering currents are very weak. there's not one steering current taking it west or one taking it east. this is what we call the spaghetti models. you see each different color, a different computer model, looking where they think the track will be. and disparate nature, some taking it west, some taking it east. national hurricane center, their official track had it going into louisiana. changed yesterday afternoon, now moving north toward panama city. so the foot of rain we're expecting was around apalacha bay, now farther eastward. biggest threat is flooding from storm surge and heavy rain. we could see 10 to 15 inches, even 24 inches in isolated spots. gusty wind and tornadoes. here is where the axis of heavy
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raven is. look at southeast georgia between i-75 and 95, that vol does that corridor, savannah, that's who really could get soaked with this. we'll have more on this tropical storm in a little bit. >> alexandra is probably going to be a busy day. out west, the high dry conditions providing perfect fuel for fire. thousands of people -- thousands more people have been told to get out as the wildfires are burning across that state. about 11,000 people have now been evacuated in and around colorado springs. this after the waldo canyon fire began there just on saturday. the entire nearby city of manitou springs is a virtual ghost town. etch ref single person told to leave ahead of that fire. but the biggest problem they continue to face is that pesky high park fire. it's going into its third week now and still burning strong. it has now destroyed close to 250 homes.
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it's only 45% contained. governor of colorado saying close to half of the nation's airborne firefighting force is on this fire. it's already the most destructive wildfire in the state's history. it's four minutes past the hour. three people are presumed dead this morning after two freight trains in oklahoma collided head on and exploded into flames. this happened yesterday evening in the town of goodwell near the texas border. reuters is reporting the two trains were traveling toward one another on the same track. about 50 firefighters from five nearby towns helped to put out several small fires there. the waiting is almost over. supreme court almost certain to announce a decision on president obama's health care law this week, maybe as early, in fact, as today. four months to go until election day. so the centerpiece of president obama's domestic agenda which would extend insurance to at least 30 million americans is on the line here.
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the supreme court could uphold the law, sometimes referred to as obama care. they could toss part of it, the individual mandate, which requires almost every american to have health insurance or pay a penalty. the supreme court could decide to throw the whole thing out altogether. another decision coming that could add a lot of heat to the campaign. the high court is poised to rule on arizona's controversial immigration law as well. many states and cities have already adopted laws like it giving police new powers to demand that people show proof of u.s. citizenship. critics say the part requiring people to show their papers amounts to racial profiling and harassment. the host of jeopardy, alex trebek is recovering in a los angeles hospital this morning after suffering a mild heart attack over the weekend. the 71-year-old trebek is undergoing a few more tests but is expected to make a full recovery and also expected to return just in time for the new season of the show which begins
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shooting next month. jeopardy, by the way, was named the best game show at the daytime emmy awards on hln just this last saturday night. this morning the director of national intelligence james clap per is expected to unveil measures aimed at ending leaks of classified information. a series of recent operations involved an operation in yemen, cyber war far targeting a nuclear facility. the source saying clapper believes the leak spans multiple federal agencies and branches of government. this just in. the good news we like to give you in the morning. the average price for a gallon of gas is down to $3.41 per gallon of unleaded. a drop of 9 .9 cents. mohamed morsi, egypt's first
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democratical democratically elected president. masses of people packed tahrir square. president obama called and congratulated morsi assuring here the u.s. will continue to support egypt's transition to democracy. ian lee is live in cairo. let's start with reaction on the ground, a very small margin of victory for him. >> reporter: that's exactly right, zoraida. it came down to only a few percentage points that he won by. there's a really large chunk of egyptian society waking up today not very happy. i was in tahrir square when the announcement was made. people were jubilant, jumping up and down, crying, hugging. this is what a lot of people had to say. >> -- could over come this regime and the old regime --
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should be happy. >> we all love mohamed. >> mohamed morsi just named president. [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: while mohamed morsi is part of the muslim brotherhood, it's important to note not everyone celebrating were members of the muslim brotherhood. there were a lot of revolutionary forces who weren't really supporting morsi but were there against ahmed shafik. >> will morsi's victory make a big difference? what he actually be able to do? >> reporter: symbolically, this is a big moment for egypt. this is the first time they've elected a democratically elected president, but also someone who isn't with the military f. you look at it, what his powers are, he's somewhat of a figurehead.
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the military still holds on to a lot of power, they hold legislative power, they control the budget. they control what members -- who is running the military, essentially all things that deal with the military. another thing is that they still have a bit of martial law where they can arrest anyone for any reason at any time. so they still will be working to come together to move egypt forward, zoraida. >> ian lee, thank you very much, live from cairo. the final beam is being installed at the first building to open at the world trade center. developer larry silverstein will join construction workers at a ceremony at 4 world trade center in just a few hours from now. silverstein's company also owns the already completed 7 world trade center. the site's anchor building, 1 world trade, already has beamed erected to the 104 floor. streets of miami are set to sizzle, shall we say this morning, sizzle for the heat. the victory celebrations are
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getting ready to forge ahead. but rain from tropical storm debbie literally could dampen this parade, rain on the parade. a chance of showers, about 50% today t. 2012 nba champs say they plan to postpone the parade and partying if there's thunder and lightning. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to come out and congratulate lebron james and the rest of the heat. i guess there are other players on that team, other than lebron. >> i'll finally say congratulations to the miami heat. i suspect they'll celebrate regardless. >> could be some soggy ticker tape. i hope the weather will cooperate for them. doesn't look good. a nasty storm in the gulf churning away. the coastal areas of alabama and florida are getting hammered. >> we'll continue to monitor that for you. signs of life amid disaster. coming up, why rescue crews at the scene of a deadly parking
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♪ top story this morning, a killer storm unleashing real soaking rains. tropical storm debbie barely moving, just sticking around and dumping on everything below it. right now it's off florida's coast. it's kicking up really dangerous surf and deadly tornadoes, too.
2:16 am
swimmers are being told, come on, stay out of the water for crying out loud. drivers are also being told to stay off a lot of the roads because they're really worried about surnl and flooding there. trevor ped ford from bay news 9 is with us in tiara verde. trevor, hopefully they'll figure out exactly where it's going to go and what time it will hit. >> reporter: this storm has a mind of its own. it couldn't tell which way it was going to go. now it seems to be tracking along the tampa bay area. i'm in tiara verde right at the mouth of the golf. seas have been 12 to 15 feet high. we've had a lot of flooding around the area, a couple of small tornadoes causing some damage. we had some fatality coming from that. so it's been -- it's just a tough, tough week end. a lot of flooding and a lot of the areas here in states
2:17 am
petersburg to tampa itself. bayshore boulevard is completely washed out and even an area i live in over in st. pete, we have roads there turned into rivers. a lot of situations with a lot of drivers in the area here because a lot of the roads go up against canals and the canals and streets have combined and a lot of people have fallen over into those canals. so bad situation here. we're in a dry spell right now but more rain yet to come. still the problem isn't over with here with debbie. >> i hear 600 or so rigs in the gulf, starting to evacuate them. this is serious stuff. be safe out there, yourng man. it's a dangerous place to be as the water gets higher. thanks trevor. here is christine romans with this morning's top stories. >> good morning, ladies. half o the u.s. firefighting force is in colorado battling triple digit temperatures and bone dry conditions. wildfires force more than 11,000
2:18 am
people from their homes. official say the two-week-old high park phier has destroyed close to 250 homes. this fire is nowhere near contains. emergency crews in canada will resume searching for victims at mall where a rooftop garage collapsed. at least one person is believed to be trapped inside the rubble. the search has to be scaled back because the structure is unstab unstable. >> it's very unstable and unsafe for the crew to go in there. so we have to do a very slow and tedious but safe entry. >> rescuers will go back in as soon as the areas is deemed safe. one person is feared dead. 22 others were hurt when the garage floor gave way toppling onto a food court. some victims of the bernie madoff ponzi scheme will get $400 million. the money will be divided among clients of a hedge fund,
2:19 am
including new york law school, barred college and a number of charitable organizations. for the first time ever saudi arabia is allowing women in the olympics. saudi arabia was the last country banning female athletes from the game. much of public life there remains gender segregated. officials there didn't want women competing in front of a mixed gender crowd. cut ter and bruin nye reversing course. they will allow women in the olympics. >> isn't that nice and big of them to do that. maybe we'll be allowed to drive there next. >> don't get me started. >> do i sound a little bitter, bitter betty this morning? progress. we'll call it progress. thanks, christine. 19 minutes past the hour. an early read on local news making national headlines. the city of stockton is set to declare bankruptcy. stockton has a debt load of $700
2:20 am
million. its mediation with creditors expires today. the stockton record say it is city council has given the city manager power to enter bankruptcy proceedings. dallas police have arrested a 26-year-old mother because they say she tried to sell her baby, her own baby for $4,000 in a classified ad. they were tipped off by a woman who wanted to buy the baby but then got cold feet that. baby is four months old. by the time they found the child, the child was alone in his crib at home. and then the mom decided to show up, return home a short time later. that's when they say cuffs on, you're coming was. she's been charged with child abandonment. >> good gracious. while we rum nate over that one, check our plog, go to it might be a rough week for your 401(k).
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2:25 am
in the world economy. you have europe slowing, 12 of the european economies are near or in recession. you've got borrowing costs rising for spain and spain asking, form ali asking for help for its banks. you'll hear again how there's another make-or-bake eu summit, so many make or break summits, we really do need to see a fix for them fixing their economy. it's important that spain and italy and you can contain any kinds of the problems -- germany, of course, is the biggest economy. uk is the second. that's what we're watching there. in this country, looking close to home. watching this big fight. the achilles' heel for mitt romney is outsourcing and bain capital and the years he was
2:26 am
working at bain capital, how many investment did they do in companies outsourcing jobs, call centers and the like. "washington post" has a big exhaustive story essentially saying his firm was a pioneer in outsourcing american jobs. something that the obama administration jumped right on. over and over again the president saying he was a pioneer in outsourcing american jobs, even as he's here talking about how to make sure american companies keep jobs here. no surprise that mitt romney, spokesperson to candy crowley denouncing this report and saying it's total hogwash. liss sglen this was incredible shoddy journalism. the fact is this was a breathless headline over a baseless story. i would encourage you to have the reporter on your show. i hope he goes on a lot of shows and ask him to demonstrate one of the companies cited in that article that moved american jobs overseas while mitt romney was at bain capital, that bain capital invested in. and i don't believe you'll find he can cite in.
2:27 am
so it's just factually inaccurate. >> so this has long been from people who follow private equity, people who follow this company and this industry say this could be an achilles' heel for mitt romney. during the period romney was rising at bain capital and they were getting more profitable, that was a time when more and more companies were trying to figure out how to outsource or offshore and put options overseas to make more money here. >> this has been a regular democratic attack where they say look what happened at bain and they forget to say after mitt romney left. they say he put the policies in place and then left. >> a lot of these deals, it's hard in the aftermath to go through and pick through. what this newspaper report does is it looks through s.e.c. filings. i'll tweet it and you can read it for yourself. but that's the political story about jobs today and this weekend, outsourcing and bain.
2:28 am
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tropical storm debbie already deadly. the storm spawn as fatal tornado in florida. the supreme court could rule today on health care reform in this country. both parties poised to act the moment that decision comes down. a race that is literally too close to call.
2:32 am
with olympic dreams on the line, the question now is who goes to london and who goes home? wow. welcome back to "early start." i'm zoraida sombolin. >> i'm ashley banfield. let me get you the top store roory right away. that's an extreme rainmaker. tropical storm debbie drenching florida as it just sits there in one spot dumping on one area off the coast. the storm is spawning a water spout. stake a look at the video on your screen. that's what you call ominous. a couple of tornadoes, too, one that actually killed a woman and injured a child, too. the water is surging into the streets. it's posing boats around in sarasota. the forecasters are saying that debbie could dump two feet, two feet of rain on florida before she is finished her rath and her path. our meteorologist alexandra steele has been tracking the storm. i don't know a lot about what you do for a living, but i do
2:33 am
know it's unusual to have three named storms all before july 1st. >> actually this is the fourth named tropical storm in the atlantic basin and that is record setting. we have never had a fourth named tropical storm this early. it's actually about a month ahead of schedule. does that portend a very exuberant hurricane season? not necessarily so. but we're certainly off to a very robust start. that's for sure. here are the details. we heard them talk about two tornado fatalities. one of those tornado fatalities was actually inland. this is not just a coastal affair. this is an inland affair as well. it is a large, large storm. very slow moving. it's been stationary. that means it's not just going to hit-and-run. that means we've already had record rainfall in tampa and apalachicola, six and seven inches. 25 inches of rain certainly not out of the question when this thing, center of circulation, not even expected to come ashore until wednesday or thursday. so it is a very slow mover.
2:34 am
these are the forecast models. we call this the spaghetti models, each of them showing you the different computer models they think tropical storm debbie will take. you can see how disparate it is. the national hurricane center now, their official track takes it north. we'll talk about how much rain we could actually see and the timeline. so certainly a lot left with this, guys. really flooding, up to 25 inches and tornadoes could be two of the biggest factors with this, and maybe the calling card in the end with debbie. >> that's 25 inches of rain on top of the storm surge, right? >> that's right. it's the storm surge and the heavy rain, so the come names of the two and the pounding and the onshore flow of the winds kind of piling that water on. we'll talk all about that throughout the morning. >> alexandra steele, thanks for keeping an eye on that for us. we're not done with too much water. from too much water to not
2:35 am
enough water and way too much heat. half of the united states firefighting force is now in colorado battling triple digit temperatures to do their work there. the temperatures, the conditions are bone dry. wildfires forcing more than 11,000 people now from their homes. officials there say the almost now going into the third week for the high park fire, has now destroyed close to 250 homes, and it is nowhere near contained. 35 minutes past the hour. in vice president biden's words it's a big, well, deal. as early as 10:00 a.m. today t supreme court could hand down their ruling on the constitutionality of health care reform. the core question for the court, whether or not the government can force individuals to purchase health insurance. both sides have multiple responses prepped depending on how the court rules. joining me now from washington, cnn's political director mark preston. good morning to you, mark.
2:36 am
i was reading that there are some organizations that have eight different press releases ready to go depending on how it is that the court rules here. can we actually predict how they will rule? >> no, we can't. we should let our viewers know that, in fact, the justices have already ruled on this case but haven't yet released that opinion. the supreme court is one of these last vestiges here in united states where you can actually keep a secret. we're all waiting the see if, in fact t ruling will be made today or if the ruling will be made later this week. the court can do one of three things today. they can rule the entire health care law is unconstitutional and throw it out. they could rule that the individual mandate which you had just mentioned is, in fact, unconstitutional and just throw out that part or they could rule, in fact, that everything is fine with the health care law and by doing sorks what the administration would happen is that the justices look at what is being described as the individual mandate and really look at it as a tax upon the
2:37 am
people in order to keep health care. that's the three things we're looking at today, vor raid da. >> mark, when the president and his advisors were drafting the law, they didn't think there would be any legal questions. were they prepared by this night. >> i think they're shocked we're less than five months before election day and we're fighting over health care which is something they've been fighting ever since president obama took office. i tell you what, the american public is very much split and in some ways is not very happy with the health care law. let's take a look at these polls from cnn orc which we released a few weeks ago. it shows that more than half of americans do not like the health care law. let's show the next poll. it isn't that most people are angry at the health care law because they think it's too liberal. but one in six americans don't think it's liberal enough. in fact, as you can see, this is such a politicized issue right now, zoraida. >> not the only politicized issue. we have immigration. >> we do.
2:38 am
we're waiting to see what happens today with immigration, if the supreme court will back the obama administration and pass a law that requires police officers, if they think somebody they've detained or arrested is an illegal immigrant, to ask for papers to prove they're a citizen. the people who don't like this law, the critics of it say it is racial profiling. that's another politically charged issue that if it's not ruled on today we'll know later this week. >> a big deal indeed. mark preston live in washington, thank you. >> thanks. 38 minutes past now. the house this week could make a historic vote, a vote that could actually hold our attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress. the oversight committee recommended the vote after eric holder refused to hand over certain documents concerning the botched fast and furious gun running sting. the department of justice did overturn roughly 7,000 or so
2:39 am
documents. but president obama decided to exert executive privilege over those remaining documents that the committee requested. the white house is calling the republican-led investigation politically motivated. an anonymous donor is offering to pay the cost of extra security for president obama's visit to a new hampshire college town today. the small town of durham caused a ruckus this weekend when it asked the obama campaign to cover up to $30,000 in police over time costs for the president's visit to oyster river high school. the campaign refused. local officials say the town is honored to be hosting the president and the issue was not political. and this just in to cnn. turkey's state-run media is reporting 33 members of the syrian military have defected from president bashar assad's forces and decided to skip over the northern border into turkey. the authorities san jose they crossed into turkey overnight and brought with them their families. we're being told they're on their why a refugee camp.
2:40 am
there are many refugee camps on that northern border now. right now things are very tense between those two countries of course after syria downed a turkish plane just before the weekend. 39 minutes past the hour. it's the grandaddy of them all. wimbledon kicks off today. the men's deventing champion novak decove vic will defend, followed by maria sharapova. a busy summer on the grass. the tennis portion of the summer games will be played at the all england club. did i get the name wrong? i did. yolk vich. there we go. not my game. i have a couple of names for you. you may not want to forget, allison felix and jenava tar bow. an incredible photo finish. >> i saw their pictures. >> the olympic trials. look really, really closely.
2:41 am
after looking at the camera shot at 3,000 frames per second, they are in dead heat. tfls determined these two runners were absolutely finishing at the same time. both of them finishing in third place, crossing the finish line at 11.068 seconds. now here is the problem, the officials have to figure out what to do because only the top three can make the olympic team. they're in a dead heat for third. it turns out the first ever run-off might just take place to figure out who between allison felix and geneva tar mow, who is going to go and who will stay home. talk about drama right before the games. >> that's awful. >> amazing. 41 minutes past the hour. a man with a gun breaks into a house and finds something he did not expect, a teenage babysitter also armed with a gun. find out what happened next coming up.
2:42 am
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oh, 45 minutes past the hour. come over to your tv set. this is new york city. it is a lovely shot, 73 degrees right now. only going to go up to 76 degrees. we'll get scattered showers as well. good morning, new york. aaron sorkin's new drama "the newsroom" debuted last night. the show's creator calls it a valentine to the cable news
2:46 am
industry. sorkin says he did most of his research for the series here at cnn. in fact, one of the main characters is inspired by our very own christine romans. >> here to explain what i just said, sloan sabot. how did that happen? >> do you have any human knowledge. >> i think a lot of what's going on in the world has to do with the economy. >> you may be on to something. >> it's not like i meade to know everything. >> you'll be in no danger of that. >> that character, sloan saab both, sorkin says i've always been a fan of christine romans' broadcast and i try to understand what she's saying. i'm illiterate when it comes to finance and the economy. cnn and hbo are both owned by time warner. congratulations, christine. >> i don't know if it's a valentine. i think we got smacked around a lot. >> maybe a valentine for you,
2:47 am
christine. >> i'm actually a little nervous that character is going to turn out to be crazy or something. >> no she won't, trust me. like she needs any introduction, but it's 46 minutes past 5:00 which means it's time to go to sloan saab both -- wait. it's christine romans. let me start with tropical storm debbie. it's sitting off the coast of florida, drenching the state with record setting rain, spawning a deadly tornado. plils say one woman was killed and a child hospitalized. the storm already deadly even though it's not expected to make landfall for another two or three days. half of the u.s. firefighting force is in colorado battling triple digit temperatures and bone dry conditions as wildfires force more than 11,000 people from their homes. everyone in the city of manitou springs has been ordered to get out ahead of the flames. a 14-year-old boy in arizona who was babysitting his younger siblings shoots and kills -- nearly kills an intruder. police in phoenix say the boy
2:48 am
said he got scared when a woman began knocking on the door. he took the younger children upstairs with him and retrieved a handgun. he shot and wounded a man who broke into the house and pointed a rifle at them. >> probably done the same thing. it's unfortunate, and he's 14. >> the suspect is expected to survive his injuries. police are still searching for the woman who was knocking on the door. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty, once a candidate for the republican nomination, now he's said to be on mitt romney's short list for a running mate. but in an interview he seemed to throw cold water on the idea. >> i have indicated that i think i could best serve governor romney in other ways, particularly as a volunteer and surrogate speakr in places where he can't go. i've encouraged people to ask this question in the campaign to look at other prospects. obviously anybody who would be asked to serve in a position
2:49 am
like that would be honored to be asked. >> pawlenty was among the supporters attending a romney donor retreat. graduation is a special occasion, but this weekend was extra special for a family in new york state. high school senior mike allen picked up his diploma right alongside his 67-year-old grandfather. >> russell william lee, local diploma. [ cheers and applause ] >> i think it will go right in there with days i'll remember for a long time. >> it's an opportunity not a lot of people get. it's one of those once-in-a-lifetime things that you'll never understand until after the fact. >> russell lee dropped out of high school in 1961 to join the navy. he was able to join his grandson for commencement under a pram that gives vets with high school equivalency a chance to receive their diplomas. >> is he wearing shorts? did you see his legs?
2:50 am
i think he was wearing shorts for the graduation. >> that is such a great story and especially a program that gives vets that opportunity. god love him. that's awesome. >> i'm going to call you olivia munn. we have a bear story because i know you love bears. >> i do love bears. >> apparently tan mall instincts were taking over when a bear cub got stuck in a sticky wicket. take a look at this little guy. he's so cute. we'll let you know how this one turned out. >> if you're leaving the house right now, you can watch us any time on your desk top or mobile phone. go to
2:51 am
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2:53 am
welcome back. it is 53 minutes past the hour. time to take a look at what is trending. mamma bear to the rescue.
2:54 am
someone posted a video on youtube of a bear cub that was stuck in his garage. the terrified little cubby climbing around looking for a way out when mom actually lifts the garage door open. >> each time the garage door hits him, he freaks out. >> the baby bear climbs down a ladder and back into the wild. people online amazed by the instincts and craftiness of the animal. >> sweet. look at that. >> how adorable is that? oh, look at him. that's a big cub. that's going on a solid 175, maybe 200 pounds. scared like you have no idea. not sure who is more scared, the person taking the video or the cub. >> that is a pretty brave person taking the video. look at mamma. she can get pretty angry there. >> there's a dog, too, which
2:55 am
also makes things a little more tense. usually they don't come around when dogs are barking. usually bears are not fond of barking dogs. i grew up with them all around me. i had to hit pots and pans if i wanted to walk to the neighbors. 95-year-old finally crossed things off the bucket list leaping off an airplane. as her friends and family were watching this missouri woman, this little 90-year-old dare devil did this for her birthday. >> oh, my goodness. >> that was wonderful. >> that's what we like to hear. >> oh, rosebud, way to go. she says the list isn't even complete yet. she says she's looking for a few more adventures. 91 is coming. you got to have something great for that. >> still plenty of time left. >> way to go rosebud.
2:56 am
55 minutes past the hour. tropical storm debbie moving slowly, but already deadly. we'll have a live report coming up. when a major hospital wanted to provide better employee benefits while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac ♪ aflac [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] [ yawning sound ] [ male announcer ] cuban cajun raw seafood pizza parlor french fondue tex-mex fro-yo tapas puck chinese takeout taco truck free range chicken pancake stack baked alaska 5% cashback. signup for 5% cashback at restaurants through june. it pays to discover. ♪ ♪ we all need it. to move. to keep warm. to keep us fed.
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tropical storm debbie turns deadly. twisters and record setting rain from the storm that just will not go away. it's the worst wildfire series in a decade. an entire city in colorado evacuated due to fast-moving flames. we could finally know in a matter of hours the supreme court ruling on health care reform could come down, could
3:00 am
come down as early as today. good morning to you, welcome to "early start," i'm zoraida sombolin. >> good monday morning to you everybody. we're bringing you the news from a to z. it is literally seconds before the top of the hour. let's get you this story first. wow, deadly deadly before it even makes landfall, tropical storm debby hammering florida with record setting rainfall. doesn't seem to be in any hurry to get out much there. it churns and dumps and dumps in the coast of alabama and florida are taking the brunt. the outer bands are whipping up extraordinarily dangerous surf and that surge that causing flooding, triggering a huge water spout off of juno beach. a tornado in florida, drenching that coast as well. a woman found dead in venus located in the middle of the state. a child in one of the damaged homes was also injured, taken to
3:01 am
the hospital too. police say -- people say they were absolutely blindsided by these twisters. >> i've got my wife and dog and put them in the hallway and said it was coming. about that time it started blowing real hard. >> it happened in a matter of 30 seconds, we saw wind pick up. we were shoved into the bathroom, scared half to death. it was pretty traumatic. >> traumatic deed. john zarrella, we're hearing there will be upwards of 2 feet of rain along the coastal spot, the alabama coast, florida panhandle. and that's not even taking into account the incredible storm surge that's expected. >> reporter: that's exactly right, ashleigh, the pounding we've been getting here in florida, we're in clearwater beach on the west coast north of tampa. a little bit of a break in the rain right now as one of the -- we wait for next rain band to
3:02 am
come. just from what you were saying, the folks out there can see that it's the entire state of florida, whether it's tornadoes, whether it's flooding. whether it's high water, all of those experiences and again, as debby just sits there, barely moving in the gulf of mexico and that's what happened. it continues to dump rain after rain after rain. a lot of streets have been flooded in the tampa area, reports of many street closures and road closures, a lot of schools are being closed today in several counties on the west coast of florida. and the sunshine skyway bridge that giant suspension bridge into st. petersburg area, that has been closed for 24 hours because of the high winds and treacherous driving conditions and the transportation officials do not want people driving over the sunshine skyway bridge. here are some pictures that were tweeted out yesterday by a ballplayer with the philadelphia
3:03 am
phillies organization here in clearwater at the spring training and minor league home. you can see the field of dreams there is totally under water, from one of those rain bands and squalls that have continue to come in here one after the other, after the other. when you look out at the water, we've got the gulf of mexico to my left and on the right-hand side is the bay here. when you look out into those areas, the water is just churning and it's muddy and it's dirty. and it is certainly no place for boaters to be any time today and probably the next couple of days before the storm finally, finally decides to move inland, wherever that turns out to be. >> no place for rig workers and bp and exxon are started to ee vak all of their essential and nonessential rig workers up to
3:04 am
600 different rigs in the gulf. be careful, john. >> got it. >> alexandra steele is tracking the storm live. he calls it a reprieve. >> that's why, as you see this radar and satellite composite where he is. this is the line of heavy rain that moved through. they are in a dry patch which we're seeing and we'll continue to see. but the big problem is, it's so massive, this thing. it is a large storm. it's very slow moving and has been reiterated over and over. today not moving and the expectation is not a lot of movement in the next couple of days. we're not even talking hours. continuing to soak florida. now with the new trajectory, southeast georgia getting into the mix. the track with this has been so uncertain, continues to be uncertain because the steering current in the upper levels of the atmosphere are kind of weak.
3:05 am
the national hurricane center, this is the official track, moving it east of panama city. with this storm, the final destination, where that center of circulation moves onshore is less important and then the impacts we're seeing now and will continue to see with the flooding from the storm surge and heavy rain and tornadoes and all of the gusty winds and 1 to 2 feet of rain as we've been talking about. we'll have more in a bit. >> what are we at number four you said? >> yeah, fourth and it's the record earliest we've had the fourth named storm in the atlantic. we'll come back and continue tracking the storm. out west, we have hot, dry, conditions, providing the perfect fuel. thousands told to get out as wildfires burn across colorado. some 11,000 people have been evacuated in and around colorado springs after the fire began saturday. the entire city of manitou city
3:06 am
is a ghosttown. the high park fire, two weeks old, still burning incredibly strong, destroying close to 250 homes. and only now 45% contained. the governor says close to half the nation's airborne firefightering force is trying to stop it. and it is all right the most disruptive wildfire in the state's history. it could be decision day, finally. the supreme court term coming to an end this week. the justices are almost certain to announce a decision on president obama's health care law hopefully as early as today. it is four months until election day and make no mistake, this one means a lot. centerpiece of president obama's domestic agenda would extend insurance to 30 million americans. supreme court could toss out something in it though, very important part, the individual mandate. you've heard about it. it's that thing that rirls almost every american to have
3:07 am
health insurance or pay a penalty. coming up at 8:00 eastern, soledad o'brien will be joined by congress woman michele bachmann. she has led the attack against the president's health care overhaul. three people are presumed dead after two freight trains in oklahoma collided head on and exploded into flames. it happened yesterday evening in the town of goodwell, near the oklahoma border with texas. the two trains were traveling towards one another, and get this, on the same track. you can imagine no escape. 50 firefighters from five nearby towns helped to put out small fires there. alex trebek, recovery in a los angeles hospital after suffering a mild heart attack over the weekend. the 71-year-old trebek is said to be in full spirits and
3:08 am
expected to make a full recovery in time for the new season of "jeopardy" which resumes production next month. the director of national intelligence, james clapper, plans to announce new measures to end the classified leaks going on. there have been a series of important classified information getting out. they involved a u.s. operation against al qaeda in yemen and classified drone program as well and a cyber war fare issue, something targeting an iranian nuclear facility. a source tells cnn that clapper says he believe the leaks span multiple federal agencies and multiple branches of government. the final beam is being installed this morning for first building at the world trade send ter. a ceremony at 4 world trade center. this should happen in a few hours. they own the already completed 7
3:09 am
world trade center. 1 world trade already has beams erected to the 104th floor. this one is the grand daddy of them all, wimbledon is kicking off. the defending champion doek vich will join share poef va. the summer games also to be played at the all england club. go wimbledon. it's nine minutes past the hour, a new era for egypt. but what kind will it be? we'll go live to the egypt where the new president is vowing to unite the nation. i have evidence that proves my dad's a space alien. he speaks a weird language. [ gargling ] [ gargling ] he drinks green stuff. he says he's from albuquerque.
3:10 am
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and the chefs at lean cuisine are loving tangy lemon, peppery poblano, sweet butternut. we're roasting, and grilling to create must-have meals with no preservatives. lean cuisine. be culinary chic. welcome back. 12 minutes past 6:00. a call for peace and unity from egypt's brands new president, elected president. mohammed morsi's victory set off
3:13 am
crazy celebrations in tahrir square. they were out all night. a long time member of the muslim brotherhood promising to represent all egyptians, not just the islamic extremists, he's formerly with the muslim brotherhood. not only that, he's promising to preserve the country's international accords too. that's critical because egypt and israel to its north have had a long da tant and people are nervous about that. live in cairo with the whole story. let's start with this, a lot of people shall very excited about this, ian, it's the first democratically elected president in the country but a lot of people are nervous about what type of president he will be or the kind of president he can be. >> reporter: that's definitely right, ashleigh, this election was very polarizing, when we
3:14 am
break it down, he only won about a few percentage points. there's a large percentage of egyptians that are not happy. he's going to have to work hard to unify this country. it's not going to be easy. there's definitely a lot of groups that are still skeptical that he can pull this together. in tahrir square, i was in the square yesterday when the announcement came out. jubilation, people are jumping up and down, hugging each other and crying. a really large celebration. here's what some of the people in the square had to say. >> could overcome this regime and all should be happy. >> morsi! >> ashleigh, one thing i want to point out too, this was the candidate of the muslim brotherhood, he is not part of the muslim brotherhood anymore. i want to point out, not
3:15 am
everyone in the square was part of the organization. there were some that were against shafiq because he was part of the former regime, they just want something new. >> what about that issue of all of the different international day tants that they have, the existing foreign relations they have and i'm speaking to one of the most important ones, what they have with israel. is there any thought that anything might change with the neighbor to the north and egypt? >> reporter: that's been a question. we've been asking the miuslim brotherhood for about a year and a half and every time that we bring it up, they say that they are going to keep this -- the accords with israel -- going to respect their international agreement. they said in particular that said that they would respect the camp dave accords as well as israel respected the camp david
3:16 am
accords. they are saying they are going to respect that. when jimmy carter came to monitor the election, he even said he doesn't believe egypt would abandon those accords. >> it would be interesting to find out who the representative will be who will be dispatched to usher in ordeal with the issues. thanks. appreciate that. >> we want to let you know as well, soledad o'brien will speak with james rubin, former secretary of state to madeleine albright. jamie rubin is a counselor for andrew cuomo. here's christine romans with your top stories. >> record setting rainfall, tropical storm debby just sitting off the coast of florida, drenching the state and spawning a deadly tornado. police say one woman was killed and a child hospitalized.
3:17 am
the storm already deadly enough, though it is not expected to make landfall for another two or three days. tropical storm debby threatening to rain on the miami heat's victory parade. the storm sparking weather warnings throughout florida. there's a 50% chance of showers today. the nba champs say they'll postpone the parade if there's thunder and lightning. hundreds and thousands are expecteded to come out. emergency crews will resume searching for victims at the mall where a rooftop garage collapsed. one person is believed to be trapped inside the rubble. the search had to be scaled back because the structure is unstable. >> it's very unstable and unsafe for the crew to go in there. we have to do a very slow and tedious, but safe entry. >> rescuers go back in as soon as the area is deemed safe. one person is feared dead. 22 others were hurt. the garage floor suddenly gave way toppling on to a food court
3:18 am
in that mall. the house this week could make history with a vote to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress. the oversight committee made the vote after the botched gun running sting. president obama asserted executive privilege over some documents the white house requested. here's one of those stories about how to get kids in school to end up smarter than kids in college. what? i knew i had your attention. how one successful engineer is now transforming education in philadelphia, getting the kids to stay in school and using electric cars. >> this car was built as a hybrid. we raced it for the last three
3:19 am
years. the secret of our success is trusting kids to solve complex problems. you know what, this is going to get interesting. you're building a hybrid that gets over 100 miles her gallon. >> just as important as reading and writing and arithmetic. >> i'm the founder of the hybrid x team, a founder of the sustainability workshop. we have so many projects going on. we've got a group that did an electric go cart. >> this is? 2.1. >> what would a scale model look like? we have him doing biodiesel and variety of ways of making it. >> here you have to look at what's going on around you. and discuss it with the teachers and have a proposal and make
3:20 am
them interested about it. >> i'm dr. sanjay gupta, simon hogger is transforming education in philadelphia, a real david and goliath story on "the next list." >> the inner city kids are winning top automotive prices and beating out colleges like m.i.t. you can find out more on "the next list", this sunday at 2:00 p.m. it's a great show. >> that is fantastic. when it comes to the economy, who makes the grade? president obama or congress? the answer from christine romans, coming up next. a route map shows you where we go. but not how we get there. because in this business, there are no straight lines.
3:21 am
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i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. welcome back, on the east coast we're minding your business and i hate to say it's not great. european markets down two.
3:24 am
>> christine romans is here to do some explaining. >> it's europe, guys, this is the big story, we've european stocks down and u.s. stock futures down this morning, another big eu summit this week. we're watching borrowing costs rise in spain and spanish government asking for help for its banks as well. this is still a big story in the u.s. europe's problems have reached u.s. shores. our exports to the eurozone are down a little bit because it is the biggest destination for american products. when europe slows that means fewer jobs created here and it's so important to us. u.s. stocks are still up this year. i want to give you a quick mid-year check. stocks are up for the year. the nasdaq is up even better, 11% and s&p 500 is up about 6%. also want to flag for you a cnn money survey of economists ladies, where they asked 20 economists to grade both the president and congress and how they do in the economy.
3:25 am
and their average grade comes out to be a d for both of them. >> not a surprise, is it? >> neither one got an "a" byny economist, obama scored three bs earn one f. there's so much uncertainty, health care reform, new regulations and lots of reasons why he said businesses are paralyzed -- >> economists can be partisan, right? >> any can but economists can be wrong too. so i always like to say when economists are giving -- i love you economists who are my sources by the way, sometimes you're wrong. that's the other part of this story as well and also pointing out the fiscal cliff is a bit problem here. most said this is the second largest issue facing the economy beyond the eu, you'll notice if you're on the campaign trail, all you hear people biker about is what happened ten years ago and who will magically start
3:26 am
creating jobs the first day of their presidency. >> we started this off by saying it's going to be a bad week. you always say to people, don't go changing your 401(k) because of the news of the week, today might be different? >> this could be a difficult week and the middle of the year, i always advocate for a mid-year portfolio checkup. the one thing i would say about your money, right now kind of a dangerous moment in the world economy. look at how you're allocated, make sure you're comfortable with your risk profile and you are comfortably in stocks and bonds and cash the way you should be. i'll tweet out -- a risk calculator that my find ali velshi and i put together. >> will we be able to understand how to work that calculator? >> i've used it and it's very simple. >> that's the best -- >> easy to understand, easy to use. >> i'll put it on facebook as
3:27 am
well. >> don't be so surprised that your colleagues follow every word you say. >> we do. my personal finance editor. we certainly could find out today something kind of important. >> kind of. >> supreme court decision on health care, some people call it obama care. is it dead in the water? is it a go? with so much riding on this historic ruling. we'll look at both sides of the plan and what it comes down to and what the supreme court could do to it coming up. it could be very abrasive. if the surface gets abraded, it's just the environment that bacteria likes to nestle into and they can cause the odor. your denture needs to be cleaned gently on a daily basis. i like to recommend polident, it kills the bacteria without causing any abrasion. when my patients follow my instructions, their dentures feel clean and fresh. they look forward to putting them in their mouth and smiling. there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away !
3:28 am
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start your feast with a soup, like our hearty new england clam chowder. next, enjoy a salad with unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. then get your choice of one of 7 entrees. like new coconut and pineapple shrimp shrimp and scallops alfredo or new honey bbq shrimp. then finish with something sweet. your complete four course seafood feast just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. tropical storm debby, already deadly this morning. the storm spawning a fatal tornado in florida. the supreme court could rule today on health care reform. both parties poised to act the moment that decision comes down. talk about too close to call. a photo finish, seriously, a real photo finish, honestly, exactly the same time.
3:31 am
and guess what? that's the spot for third place and only one of them can go to the london olympics. how will they solve this one, folks? it's a great story. welcome back to "early start." >> it is 30 minutes past the hour, we have record-setting rainfall, tropical storm debby drenching florida as it just sits off the coast. the storm spawning this water spout off juno beach and several tornadoes, one that killed a woman and injured a child. the child is still in the hospital. water tossing boats around in sarasota. forecasters say debby could dump 2 feet of rain on florida before she is finished. meteorologist alexandra steele is tracking the storm. we always expect it along the coast but this is inland as well. >> that's right, the fatality, the tornado fatality was inland in the central part of the state. this is not just a coastal
3:32 am
affair. good morning, as you're waking up you're saying where is this thing going? it's not moving at all, it's stationary and that's the problem. the steering current are so week, it's not pushing it away. the winds are down, maximum sustained winds at 50 miles per hour. i want to show you this. take a look. this is the gulf of mexico, look at panama city and go south of that. here is the center of circulation. can you see it there? look, here's where all the convection is. it is lopsided and big and certainly has all of the convection on the east side of it. so it's been very difficult to kind of look forward to its potential track. what we've looked at in all of the computer models dispar at in nature. moving north, northeast, we're talking maybe making landfall on thursday. but with this particular storm, it seems as though the final destination, i.e., where the center makes landfall is less
3:33 am
important now than the impacts we are seeing now and will continue to see. this is the last 24 hours. rain maker, record rain for the day in places like tampa, over 7 inches. here's where the heaviest swath of rain was, between 6 and 10 inches. look at the next 48 hours where the flooding rain, which i think will be the calling card with debby. in southeast georgia between i-57 and 1-95. north of tallahassee, the storm surge with the heavy rain will make this a flooding event. that's one factor. also the tornadic event which we'll talk about as well. >> from too much water to not enough water. half of the u.s. fire fighting force is in the state of colorado and this is the reason. look at the picture. triple digit conditions and bone dry conditions and wildfires are a mess. they forced more than 11,000
3:34 am
people from their homes and the two-week old high park fire destroyed close to 250 homes and it is nowhere near contained. so, i probably might remind you of vice president biden's famous words, big freaking deal, though he didn't use that. the supreme court could hand down the ruling on the constitutionality of health care reform. the president's signature piece of legislation is at the core here. the question for court, whether or not the government can force you and me and individuals like us, to buy health insurance. both sides have multiple responses prepped, depending on how this court rules. joining me now from washington is cnn's political director mark preston. all eyes are on this one and i'm guessing all of the tv productions for the ads will be on this for next couple of weeks.
3:35 am
i want to jump ahead for just a minute because there is a chance, mr. precht preston, we could get a bizarre call, where the supreme court says you know what, this is a tax, come back in two years and talk to me then. >> you know what, ashleigh, if that happens that would be a big win for the obama administration. there's been april lot of talk that the supreme court, if they don't strike down the whole law, they could strike down what is known as the individual mandate part of the law and that is what you were talking about, the fact that the federal government would force everyone to buy health insurance or pay a fine. however, if the court does rule in favor of the health care law and let's it stand, it could let it stand on the legal precedent that the federal government can force us all to pay taxes and that this would be a health care tax. that's what the obama administration is hoping. >> kind of a weird thing, wouldn't have expected them to argue tax because that could be a challenge. that could be a verifiable
3:36 am
challenge. not now, it would have to be a challenge when it's in place. let's go to the mandate itself. if the mandate itself is struck down, what happens -- it's a bit of a domino effect. there's a lot of other stuff in obama care that depends on the mandate. >> there's a lot of stuff -- not only for the policy of the health care law, how could they pay for the health care law if that mandate does get struck down? there lr parts of it unsustainable because that mandate or tax, however you want to describe it, is used to pay for health care. so now we're going to see insurance companies have to deal with this whole issue. let's talk about the politics of it all. we're heading right into november. we have mitt romney who has vowed to repeal this health care law, the first day he gets in office. let's see if he can do that if in fact he gets elected and you have president obama using this as his signature domestic policy issues. there are policy implications but there are incredible --
3:37 am
>> it seems to me if any part of obama care was struck down, whether it was the mandate or whole kit and caboodle or tax issue, and then challenge it, it would seem to me the republicans would really, really be excited yet. and john boehner says don't spek the football. why? >> he has been around washington a long time. let's not make this little plitized, do not go out and spike the football. there's a argument to be made if you are president obama and this were to get knocked down by the supreme court, part of it, that would be good politics for him because he could use it to try to excite his base. on the flip side, republicans could make the argument too, politically that if this were to be upheld by the supreme court, it gives them a stronger issue to excite their base heading into november. i halt to talk politics around something that is very important. the fact of the matter is, as you know, ashleigh, everything that happens in this town is
3:38 am
because of politics. >> let's not talk politics. let's talk letters and numbers. sb 1070 at the heart of the other big opinion that's going to come down and that is over the immigration issue in arizona. if -- let's start with this. do we expect to get that today? definitely this week and what are the implications of a win or loss in that? >> just like the health care law, we don't know if we'll find out within the next couple of hours if the supreme court will release its opinion on this immigration law that was posed to it because the obama administration fought the state of arizona on how they could impose illegal immigration status release check on i wille immigration status. police officers in arizona right now were instructed by the state legislature if they believe they detained or arrested somebody that they thought was an illegal immigrant, they could then demand prove of citizenship.
3:39 am
critics, including the obama administration says that is racial profiling and do not agree with it. that is a huge political issue as well that we'll hear this week in court. >> i often wonder if i was driving through arizona if anyone would ask from my documents because i'm a new immigrant in this country but i think i wouldn't be asked. it's nice to wake up with us. haven't seen you in a while. >> this is fun. >> open invitation. nice to see you. an anonymous donor is offering to pay the cost for president obama's visit to the a new hampshire town. it caused a ruk us when it asked the obama campaign to cover up to $30,000 in police overtime costs for the president's visit to the high school. the campaign refused and the town is honored to be hosting the president and the issue is
3:40 am
not political. this is a first time ever for saudi arabia, decided to allow women to compete in the olympics. isn't that nice? saudsdy arabia is the last country to lixt its ban on female athletes in the game. public life in saudi arabia, let's just say it's real gender segregated. officials didn't want women competing in front of mixed gender crowds. quatar and brunnei are also allowing women but they'll be running the 100 meters and doing their sports wearing the head covering. an incredible photo finish at the women's 100 meter dash trials. after looking at cameras shot at 3,000 frames per second, it was determined that two runners finished in an absolute dead heat. it's for third place, folks. both crossing the finish line at 11.6 seconds. officials are trying to figure
3:41 am
out what to do since only the top three actually make the olympic team. first ever runoff might take place to figure out who goes and who stays home. boy, that's a tough call there. how do you do that? >> if you're the one that stays home, you frame that photograph and hang it in your office, bedroom. >> i'm not a photo finish expert here, but the leg of the woman on the left looks like it crossed first. >> i think they've looked at it any which way -- >> this is allison felix and tarmo, they have the exact same finish time. see an arm goes over and leg goes over exact same to the hundredth of a december mall point. >> good gracious, good luck to both gals, right? a young man comes out to his republican parents but it's not what you think. ufl to see the political ad with a humorous twist and it's coming
3:42 am
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3:44 am
top of the morning to you, d.c., it is 75 degrees.
3:45 am
later, 84 degrees and thunderstorms. get ready for mugginess. aaron sorkin's drama "the newsroom" debuted last night. it is called a valentine to the news industry. he did most of his research right here at cnn and one of the characters inspired by our very own christine anz. >> here to explain what i just said, sloan sab bij. >> how did that happen? >> by being dumb as a doorknob. >> do you have human knowledge? >> i've been told i do not. >> most of the world news has to do with the economy. >> you may be on to something. >> that character sorkin says i've always been a fan of christine romans' broadcast, i try to understand what she's saying, i'm illiterate when it comes to finance and the economy. it's tough for a democrat in
3:46 am
utah. check out what congressional candidate ryan comb did to get republicans to sit up and take notice. >> hello, son. >> dad. mom. >> son, we need to talk. >> your father and i have been hearing rumors, dear. >> we just need to know the truth. >> okay, fine, yes, you've probably heard the rumors and they are true. i'm a democrat. [ crying ] >> so the ad's tag line says, why aren't you a democrat? it might not be as bad as you think. i think that's supposed to be really funny.
3:47 am
it's clever. >> soledad o'brien joins us now. >> a lot going on this morning. we'll be live in florida, the terrible storm is battering the gulf koefl as tropical storm debby blamed for one death. more tornadoes could be on the way. a cnn exclusive, how the nation's top intelligence official is quietly clamping down on leakers of national security data. also, michele bachmann has pledged to do what she can to repeal the president's health care law. she's going to join us live as the supreme court has that measure, of course, the former secretary of state jamie rubin will be with us and egypt's new president morsi, will changers of the constitution remove all of the power he could have as president? we'll discuss that. we're rolling out the red carpet, mir ra sorvino will talk about her new movie "union square." chaka khan joins us this
3:48 am
morning, we'll talk about a project she has to help women. the number one nba draft pick will be with u. anthony davis. 19 years old. >> how are you going to fit that all in? >> we have a lot of time. and there will be more. all starts at the top of the hour. >> nice, thanks, soledad. do you like bears? >> not like -- videos of bears, yes, bears in my community, not really. >> i should have qualified it. we have a bear story. a small bear with a big problem. watch as he's being pushed along by the garage door. he's the cutest thing in the world and he's terrified of being in this person's garage. how his momma bear helped him get out of this sticky wicket. this is new york state. we built the first railway,
3:49 am
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3:51 am
it's a good time to get to christine romans. >> tropical storm debby is sitting off the coast of florida. record-setting rain spawning a deadly tornado there. one woman was killed and a child hospitalized. the storm already deadly, even though it's not expected to make landfall for another two to
3:52 am
three days. half of the u.s. fire fighting force is now in colorado, battling triple digit temperatures and bone dry conditions as wildfires force more than 11,000 people in colorado from their homes. everyone in the city of manitou springs has been ordered to get out ahead of those flames. a 14-year-old boy in arizona who was baby sitting his younger siblings shoots and nearly kids an intruder. police in phoenix say the boy told him he got scared when i woman he didn't know began knocking on their door. he took the younger children, 8 and 12, upstairs and retrieved a hand gun. he shot and critically injured a 37-year-old man who broke into the house and pointed a rifle at them. >> i'd probably had done the same thing. so it's unfortunate and he's 14. >> the suspect is expected to survive his injuries, police are still searching for the woman who was knocking on the door. russian president vladimir
3:53 am
putin kicking off a middle east tour in israel. he's meeting with prime minister netanyahu and expected to discuss the nuclear program. an israeli military strike on iran could be catastrophic. he is scheduled to meet with mahmom mahmoud abass tomorrow. >> mama bear to the rescue. someone posted a video of a bear cub that was stuck in a garage. the terrified little cubby climbing around desperately looking for a way out. >> oh, no. >> what does mom do? lifts the heavy garage door and the baby bear climbs down the ladder -- where's the ladder? so adorable. >> i love the fact that the mama bear wants to open the door. >> wants her baby out. >> people are amazed by the instincts and craftiness of the animals. >> and the dog that's making it
3:54 am
more fearful. look how cute. here comes the garage door. it will knock him right in the head and send him scattering along the beam. ow mom. so cute. something about bears on video, adorable. >> there's mama. don't get near. >> the person videotaping, i don't know. >> unless it's through a window in a garage door. don't want to be that close to a mama and cub, without question the most dangerous come would. we all like advice but you're not supposed to just ask anybody. today's advice is about bad advice. you have to hear it coming up. uhuh yep uch let's find you a room. at, you'll always find the perfect hotel. because we only do hotels. wow. i like that. nice no. laugh... awe uch ooh, yeah hmm nice huh
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3:58 am
you giggling laidkys, we have work to do. >> we're talking about workingout, but we have best advice. >> this comes from ice t. >> i think only take advice from people you admire. don't take advice from -- don't take boyfriend advice from your girl that doesn't have a boyfriend. don't take business advice from your broke buddy, you know? look at somebody who you really admire and listen to them. >> he is so right. he is so right. how many people give boyfriend and girlfriend advice who have their own love life in taters and know everything on how to create jobs and -- >> there's a millionaire match maker and the story behind her reality show is she can't seem to find a date. she's entertaining, let's put it that way.
3:59 am
am i going to get match made by a woman without a date. >> leave it to ice t to boil it down. that is the news folks, thanks for being with us, i'm ashleigh banfield. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. tropical storm debby, turns deadly and spawns twisters and not going away any time soon. zipping up loose lips, the director of the national intelligence agency taking new steps to stop classified information from getting out. cnn has exclusive details this morning. making history in egypt, the country ha its first freely elected president ever, but he can keep the democracy from falling apart. jamie rubin, jeff toobin and chaka khan and mira sorvino joining us this morning.


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